2019 Google Ads Course Video 6: Keyword Bidding, Match Types, Negatives & Search Terms

free google ppc course 2019 keyword bidding search terms negatives

While previous videos in this 2019 Google Ads course hint at keyword bidding strategies and leveraging specific match types, this video is the icing on the cake. The content in this video reinforces the value of using various types of keyword match types (namely exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifier), and how these strategies can help you maintain very focuses, easy-to-manage ad groups. For intermediate and advanced PPC advertisers, we’ll also discuss more creative keyword bidding techniques in how you can combine these match types to effectively target the most relevant search engine users. In addition to keyword… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 7: 24-48 Hours Post-Launch

free google ppc course 2019 24 48 hours post launch

In addition to the settings you have in place pre-launch, the first couple of days after launching your Google Ads campaign are important times in which you need to be diligent and check-in on how things are performing. Of primary importance is evaluating your bidding strategy type (i.e. manual CPC, enhanced CPC, target search page location, etc.) and where you have your keyword bids set. During this 24-48 hour window, you’ll want to assess where your ads are appearing in the search results (average position), what the average CPC is for your target keywords, and how these metrics are translating… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 8: Troubleshooting & Optimizing Poor Performance

free google ppc course 2019 troubleshooting optimizing performance

As one of the more entertaining and value-packed videos in this free Google Ads training course, in this exercise, we dive into a number of common scenarios that indicate poor performance and what to do about it. This includes troubleshooting low keyword Quality Score (and the many factors that influence this recurring metric), assessing your bid strategy type, auditing your landing pages, and using tools like Ad Preview and Diagnosis and Search Terms to better understand where your ads are showing and how you can go about making improvements in strategic fashion. If your account is suffering from low clicks,… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 9: Google Ads Optimization & Management

free google ppc course 2019 optimization management

Now for the goods that help you continuously improve the performance of your Google Ads account. This slightly longer video dives into various methods and tools that you can use to embrace the art of PPC optimization. We jump into topics pertaining to device-based bid adjustments, “Peel n’ Stick,” ad copy and split-testing, using ad group-specific Ad Extensions, and negatives. In addition to these Google Ads training principles, we’ll also discuss more unconventional topics related to “SE-Optimized PPC Landing Pages,” optimizing your landing page experience (for conversions), and how you leverage Google Analytics to garner insights to optimize your Google… Read More »

Supercharge Your Remarketing Campaign: 10 Optimization Suggestions

Google Remarketing Optimization

PPC Remarketing ads, or sometimes referred to as retargeting ads, are a powerful way of bringing customers who have engaged with your website back to your site. Once they’re back on your site, you have another chance to make them complete your desired conversion action. Since Remarketing looks at bringing people who have already engaged with your site back to your site, it tends to have a much higher conversion rate than other marketing channels. Google Remarketing works by placing a cookie on the user’s device when they visit your site. You, as an advertiser, can then follow the user… Read More »

3 Common PPC Fails and How to Avoid Them [Infographic]

Google PPC Fails infographic

3 PPC Mistakes to Avoid  PPC advertising is often considered an easy way to grow traffic. It’s true — it is a good way to boost traffic, especially for a new site. After all, it’s difficult to convince Google that your site is a credible one if hardly anyone has visited it. That said, there are limitations to PPC advertising. It’s not always going to be the best solution for your business. In this article, we’re going to go over common PPC fails and how you can avoid them.   1. No Active Monitoring or Update Only one in a hundred marketers… Read More »