In this training video, we’ll take a deep dive into the art of ad copywriting and organizing highly-granular ad groups. I will display the importance of assembling very focused keyword groupings that enable you to write relevant ad copy. In turn, you’ll see stronger click-through rates (CTR’s), higher Quality Scores, and lower average cost per click (CPC). All in all, the practices outlined in this training video will equip you with the fundamental knowledge to help maximize the cost-efficiency and overall performance of your Google Ads campaigns.

In the video, I’ll delve into ad copywriting techniques and best practices, as well as how to use Ad Extensions to better maximize the relevance, real estate, and overall impact of your Google search ads. You’ll be pre-exposed to keyword bidding strategies and how your keyword targets influence ad copy. Together we’ll also touch on ad split-testing and how to best go about setting up multiple ad variations to properly test your creative over time. We’ll also use a couple of different Google Ads accounts in this training video, so you’ll get a taste of two common scenarios related to ad groups and ad copywriting.

Art by Vecteezy