Setting up conversion tracking is an important first step in building a successful Google Ads account. The manner or type of conversion tracking you setup will be based on your goals and technical capacity with the site. For instance, if a contact form submission takes users to a “thank you” page, using that unique URL is an easy way to track conversions from Google Ads users.

Alternatively, you can track behaviors like button clicks, sign-ups, and other actions that insinuate a defined goal has been achieved. This particular video exercise focuses on one of the most fundamental and universally-applicable ways to record a conversion – button/link clicks. In the training video, you’ll be introduced to Google Tag Manager. But do not be daunted, as this tool streamlines the process of setting up conversion tracking in a very efficient manner.  As long as you have access to the site’s code to setup Google Tag Management, this process will be no problemo.

Art by Vecteezy