As the longest video in the Google Ads course, this exercise takes you through the processes of how to set up a Google Ads campaign from scratch. We do not actually use any keyword data and bid calculations in this video (more on that in training videos later in this course), but instead, we focus on the core fundamentals and best practices of Google Ads campaign creation.

For intermediate and advanced PPC advertisers, these practices might seem elementary or basic concepts you already know. In which case, that is awesome! Because you’re doing things in proper fashion. However, for beginner Google Advertisers, the steps outlined in this training video are essential practices that you must burn into your marketer mindset. Entering into Google Ads without adhering to some of the best practices mentioned in this video will waste your money.

In short, you’ll learn which settings to choose when going through the campaign setup process. Additionally, we’ll touch on to future topics of discussion (in upcoming videos) like: keyword bidding, match types, ad group creation and ad copywriting, Ad Extensions, and negatives. In other words, this is a top-level training video that gives you 80% of the goods in about 20% of the course’s content. Get some!

Art by Vecteezy