Whether or not you like the new Google Keyword Planner, you’d be smart to learn it now because the old Keyword Planning might not be around forever. And if you’re like me and are reluctant to use the new tool, then this video is just for you.

Throughout this exercise, I keep it simple and show you how to leverage similar filtering mechanisms from the old tool with the new. Sure, it’s still not as streamline as the old Keyword Planner, but with these keyword research techniques, you should be able to distill down your keyword data to relevant queries actually worth targeting. As a result, you’ll be able to efficiently extract and organize keyword data that will help instruct the development of your Google Ads campaigns, and more importantly, very granular ad groups.

The advantage of the new Keyword Planner tool, in addition to its filtering capabilities, is the manner by which you can evaluate search trends for specific queries. Annual trends associated with your keyword data can help you prioritize device-based bid adjustments or when to amplify or turn-off specific campaigns. Beyond PPC, this information can help instruct your SEO-driven content strategy, or when to publish certain pieces of content.

Art by Vecteezy