Advance Your Skills and Explore Many Ways to Learn Google Ads

At Yisoo, we’re committed to delivering the industry’s best Google Ads training resources and PPC learning material. We offer several options for varying levels of interest, professional experience, and budget, including free online video courses, 1-on-1 and team training programs, PPC consulting, and Google Ads audits. From self-paced learning material to custom coaching services, we provide flexible training options to fit your unique needs. 

While each program is approached differently, the foundation of our training delivers tangible value and provides you with actionable insights, strategic guidance, and measurable results. Whether you’re seeking easy-to-access Google Ads training videos or more personal PPC guidance, we provide an array of professional resources and free learning materials to help you excel.

Get the Most Out of Google Ads with PPC Training

Since the AdWords days, the new Google Ads platform has become much more simple and easier to navigate. Not only is the platform more intuitive, but certain features and data are more accessible. Despite the evolution of Google Ads, it still has many nuances that can be confusing to beginner advertisers. 

We set out to pull the veil on the complexities and confusing topics surrounding Google Ads. In doing so, we bring awareness to common PPC mistakes and Google Ads pitfalls that inevitably cripple profitability. With free training videos, in-depth articles and infographics, and self-paced learning material, advertisers can build their skills and establish a foundation to become Google Ads certified. Start learning.

2021/2022 Google Ads Course (Coming Soon)

Given the dynamic nature of the Google Ads platform, we try to keep all video training content updated every one to two years to keep pace with new features and platform changes. In doing so, we anticipate releasing an updated 2020/21 version of our Google Ads online training course later in the year.

The training provides a solid premise for not just PPC beginners who are looking to develop skills and work toward certification, but also those looking to progress their capabilities with advanced techniques and alternative PPC perspectives. We hope to share the new course later this year. Until then, we’re currently offering our 2019 Google Ads Training Course available for free on our blog.

Advanced Google Ads Training

In addition to organic SEO, we also provide advanced Google Ads training programs from professionals and teams. We understand the complexities and confusion that often comes with navigating Google Ads, and that everyone is on a different level with their experience and objectives in using the platform. In many cases, we provide individually-tailored training programs that often overlap in areas of consulting, coaching, and audits. 

If you’re interested in more advanced Google Ads training, please contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. We work with agencies, consultants, students, marketing professionals, and business owners and provide the optimal training format to accommodate their needs. Contact us to learn more.

Free Google Ads Training Videos

Until we roll-out our updated 2021/2022 video course, we are currently offering our 2019 Google Ads Training Course available for free. This structured training course breaks-down the fundamental best practices and optimization techniques to effectively manage Google Ads, including:

  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • How to set up a Google Ads campaign
  • Navigating the Google Keyword Planner
  • Building ad groups and writing search ad copy
  • Keywords: bidding, match types, negatives, search terms
  • Troubleshooting and optimizing a poor performing campaign
  • Google Ads optimization and management

Access and bookmark the free Google Ads training videos today. 

Why Google Ads Training with Yisoo?

While there’s no shortage of ways to learn Google Ads, we discovered many drawbacks to conventional training options found on the web. The problem with most training courses and material is that it:

  • Fails to acknowledge students’ current comprehension
  • Only scratches the surface in terms of material
  • Provides textbook learning but no strategic insight
  • Is too vague, generalized, or difficult to understand
  • Costs several hundreds (even thousands) of dollars

Yisoo originated to provide adaptable and affordable training options for varying skillsets. Whether you’re a freelance PPC provider or an agency professional, our materials are rooted in valuable information designed to help you succeed.

Your Google Ads Coach

My name is Tyler Tafelsky and I am a search marketing consultant and Google Ads coach who’s passionate in helping businesses and brands navigate the complexities of Google Ads and organic SEO. I started Yisoo in 2018 as a way to provide both training and consulting for professionals and organizations in need.

In addition to PPC coaching, I also specialize in SEO content strategy and operate a few of my own blogs, like and Like most SEO and PPC consultants, I work in other facets of digital marketing, including social media and content marketing. This allows clients to leverage a multifaceted marketing advisor without needing to recruit multiple vendors for each channel. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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