We Can Often Identify Problematic Bottlenecks in a Matter of Minutes. No Tools Required.

There’s no question about it, PPC advertising is indisputably one of the most hyper-targeted marketing channels to reach certain audiences and target customers. And yet, PPC is also one of the most head-scratching advertising platforms notorious for failed campaigns and mixed results.

At Yisoo, we’re all about taking a 100% transparent approach in offering PPC audit services. We’ve been there before – low keyword quality scores, ads not showing for target keywords, severely high bounce rate and nobody’s converting – and we’re passionate about showing you why. Not only can we sympathize with those navigating the nuances of Google Ads, but we can whole-heartedly empathize with struggles advertisers face in operating a profitable campaign.

PPC Account Audits That Deliver

There’s a lot that can go wrong with PPC advertising. While some of these issues may be obvious to the experienced PPC advertiser, some of the most glaring mistakes we find with our PPC audit services are:

  • Overlapping search and display campaigns
  • Bloated ad groups containing far too many keywords, thereby diluting ad creative and targeting efficacy
  • Inadequate ad creative, split-testing, or use of ad extensions 
  • Poor use of match types or ignorantly using only broad match 
  • Weak landing pages that fail to convert users
  • Structural deficiencies in how campaigns are organized
  • Failing to leveraging negative keywords and neglecting Search Terms

PPC Audit Checklist at a Glance

Curious what goes into a PPC audit? Or looking for guidance to adopt into your own PPC practice? Below is a brief glance into our PPC audit checklist:

  • Assess PPC objectives, budget schedule, and current performance
  • Review campaign settings, geo-parameters, and bidding strategy  
  • Audit campaign structure, ad group segmentation, and organization
  • Evaluate keyword strategy, search terms, and negatives
  • Gauge ad creative and overall use of ad extensions
  • Appraise click and conversion metrics and measure performance
  • Ascertain overarching search marketing strategy 

If you’d like to learn more about our PPC audit process, contact us for more information.

Google Ads Audits

While the new Google Ads platform has simplified since the ole’ AdWords days, many advertisers continue to struggle in making Google paid search advertising a profitable marketing channel. No doubt, Google Ads is fickle. Between its bi-monthly updates, new and dropped features, and questionable optimization recommendations, it’s a full-time job just to keep up. Even more so, it’s easy to burn money without knowing why. 

Of course, all Google Ads accounts are unique and require different strategies. But in most cases, glaring weaknesses can be found in a matter of minutes. As part of our PPC account audits, we pull the curtain on the biggest weaknesses and opportunities holding your account back. 

Bing Ads Audits

Although Google is the dominant search engine, we also provide Bing Ads audits as well. While Bing makes up a very small fraction of the search market share, it’s demographic is precisely attune to older adults. Additionally, Bing search is the primary search engine for Microsoft products, Apple Siri, and Amazon Kindle. 

While Bing Ads adopts many of the same features as Google Ads, there’s no shortage of issues that can arise. We help take the guesswork out of Bing Ads, and provide actionable insights to see better performance. Depending on the business, it can offer an ample supplement to any comprehensive PPC program.  Get a Bing Ads audit.

Why PPC Audit Services by Yisoo?

Despite PPC platforms like Google Ads becoming increasingly simplified, there’s still overwhelming confusion surrounding the nuts and bolts behind how everything works. In short, there’s an abundance of nuances with PPC advertising. And without a concrete understanding of how and why things are working, advertising can burn their budget with little-to-nothing to show for it.

Bringing awareness to these nuances and properly educating advertising is the premise behind Yisoo and the PPC services that we offer. We take the guesswork out of PPC advertising and unveil the major weaknesses and opportunities surrounding your campaign. Ready to get started? Contact us to learn more.

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