Paid search ads can get a bad rap. Not only can they occupy the entire top half of a SERP, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming and irrelevant.

Debunking the negative perception that PPC ads can have, a study conducted by Clutch found that 75% of people surveyed said paid search ads do help them find the information they’re looking for on a search engine.

75% Say Paid Search Ads Help Them Find What They're Searching For

Quoted in the study’s findings, Sherman Stanberry of Lyfe Marketing says that “People see (search ads), but the ads have to answer or talk to them. Otherwise, they can skip right by (the ad) and go to more reliable organic search results.”


Resonating with Paid Search Users

For Google search advertisers, this underscores the importance of creating very intentional ad groups that target specific keyword groupings. In turn, advertisers can better ensure their ad copy and landing page resonates with target search users, and thereby creates a purposeful connection.

Useful search ads can provide numerous benefits for businesses who create them and create them well. Of course, generating high-quality traffic that drives conversion is typically on top of the list. But brands can also build awareness, trust, and credibility in the process.

“You get all the benefits of advertising and quality traffic. I don’t think there’s a source of traffic that is more quality than search engines in general.” Stanberry ads.

Here at Yisoo, we couldn’t agree more.

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