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Take Google Marketing Courses via Immersive Online Training Videos

Welcome to Yisoo, an intuitive training platform that offers easy-to-learn Google marketing courses and consulting solutions. Yisoo was created to make Google marketing training and consulting more accessible and affordable. With most other SEO and Google Ads training programs priced at several hundred dollars per course, Yisoo provides an engaging online learning experience at a fraction of the cost. Learn more about how to enroll in one of Yisoo's internet marketing training courses.

**Only Accepting Students for the Google Ads Training Course**

Whether you're interested in SEO, Google Ads, or social media - you'll quickly discover that being proficient in all of these areas of internet marketing will make you a highly-effective, indispensable asset to any project, even if it's your own. Not only do today's businesses require a holistic approach to their online marketing efforts, but the interconnected nature of these digital channels makes for synergistic combination when creatively integrated.

How Do Yisoo's Google Marketing Courses Work?

At Yisoo, we keep online learning simple. Each Google marketing course contains online video training modules that teach you the fundamentals of mastering each channel. We use a lecture-based, process-oriented format that allows you to easily understand the concepts and apply them to your work.

When you enroll in one Yisoo's Google marketing training courses, a subject matter expert will take you through the entire process from start to finish. You'll learn the best practices of keyword research (for SEO and Google Ads) and setting-up your campaigns, as well as proven strategies for ongoing management and integrating multiple channels.

With a diverse syllabus containing both beginner principles and advanced strategies, your instructor will walk you through the each stage of building and managing a successful campaign. Yisoo's instructors are experienced Google search marketing professionals who are both highly-experienced and certified in their respective platform of expertise. Equally important, each instructor is impassioned by their practice and educating you on how to best leverage the channels that interest you most. Ready to get started? Enroll in a Yisoo Google marketing courses today.

Google Marketing Training & Consulting Solutions

At Yisoo, we also provide customized Google marketing training and consulting solutions for various types of businesses. Whether you're currently operating a Google Ads account, undergoing a questionable SEO program, or just getting started with search marketing, our individually-tailored training and consulting services are designed to help make the best of your marketing budget and grow your business. In addition to consulting, we can also provide one-on-one Google marketing training for specialized needs. While this aspect of Yisoo is currently in the works, you can find out more about our Google Ads PPC consulting solutions which are now available.