Bing Ads: 3 Simple Best Practices That Go Beyond Google

On average, Bing occupies just 3% of the global search market share, next to Google who owns well over 90%. But what Bing lacks in volume it makes up for in an easily targeted concentration of users.  Who uses Bing? Unlike Google and other search engines, 70% of Bing’s demographic is comprised of users over the age of 35, and nearly 40% of them are between 35-54 years of age, Not only are Bing users an older bunch, but data shows they’re wealthier, too. According to Aori, 38% of Bing users have household incomes of over $100,000.  If you’re targeting… Read More »

10 Google Ads Tips and Tricks for Search Advertisers

Google Ads Tips and Tricks

In this post, I share ten of the more important Google Ads tips and tricks you can adopt into your PPC advertising practice. These tips and tricks are specific to search advertisers, so for those doing Google Display and Remarketing ads, stay tuned for a future post.  When it comes to mastering Google Ads, there’s no substitute for experience and know-how. But for beginners, this post will quickly get you in the know and provide a big head start. For advanced Google Ads advertisers, some of the initial tips and tricks mentioned are fundamental practices that you’re probably well aware… Read More »

How To Do PPC Keyword Research Using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

How to do PPC Keyword Research with the Google Keyword Planner

In this post and video, I share tips on how to do PPC keyword research using Google’s Keyword Planner tool and understanding how to navigate its many filters and features. If you’re keen to the old AdWords Keyword Planner, you’ll be glad to know that the new platform has been updated with similar functionality, notably the ability to show only “Closely related ideas” as the primary filter. Without getting too deep into the weeds on how to use the Keyword Planner, I encourage you to check out the video below. This “how-to” video is part of my free Google Ads course if… Read More »

75% Say Paid Search Ads Help Them Find What They’re Searching For [Study]

google paid search ads stats data

Paid search ads can get a bad rap. Not only can they occupy the entire top half of a SERP, but they can sometimes feel overwhelming and irrelevant. Debunking the negative perception that PPC ads can have, a study conducted by Clutch found that 75% of people surveyed said paid search ads do help them find the information they’re looking for on a search engine. Quoted in the study’s findings, Sherman Stanberry of Lyfe Marketing says that “People see (search ads), but the ads have to answer or talk to them. Otherwise, they can skip right by (the ad) and go to… Read More »

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Allowing Google to Manage Your Ads

google good bad ugly ads management

If you advertise with Google Ads, then you’ve likely received an email headlined “We’ll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business” – or something to that effect. While this might seem like an attractive offer, there are major implications to allowing Google to control how you spend money with… well, Google. And while there’s plenty of news discussing this announcement, this post is merely my professional opinion as to why you might want to opt-out (or stay maybe stay opted-in) to this program.   What The Email Notification Says… What The New Program Entails According to the… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 1: Introduction & Overview

free google ppc course 2019 introduction

This is a brief introductory video in which the course instructor, Tyler Tafelsky, introduces himself along with the free Google Ads course outline. He offers a short summary of himself and his experience with Google Ads and PPC advertising, as well as his professional background and history. He also provides a top-level overview of what you can expect in each course training video and hints at some of the projects and accounts that will be used to navigate each exercise. This video does not actually cover any subject matter in the Google Ads course and can be skipped if desired.… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 2: Setting Up Conversion Tracking

free google ppc course 2019 conversion tracking

Setting up conversion tracking is an important first step in building a successful Google Ads account. The manner or type of conversion tracking you setup will be based on your goals and technical capacity with the site. For instance, if a contact form submission takes users to a “thank you” page, using that unique URL is an easy way to track conversions from Google Ads users. Alternatively, you can track behaviors like button clicks, sign-ups, and other actions that insinuate a defined goal has been achieved. This particular video exercise focuses on one of the most fundamental and universally-applicable ways… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 3: How to Setup a Google Ads Campaign

free google ppc course 2019 setting up campaign

As the longest video in the Google Ads course, this exercise takes you through the processes of how to set up a Google Ads campaign from scratch. We do not actually use any keyword data and bid calculations in this video (more on that in training videos later in this course), but instead, we focus on the core fundamentals and best practices of Google Ads campaign creation. For intermediate and advanced PPC advertisers, these practices might seem elementary or basic concepts you already know. In which case, that is awesome! Because you’re doing things in proper fashion. However, for beginner… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 4: Navigating the Google Keyword Planner

free google ppc course 2019 navigating keyword planner

Whether or not you like the new Google Keyword Planner, you’d be smart to learn it now because the old Keyword Planning might not be around forever. And if you’re like me and are reluctant to use the new tool, then this video is just for you. Throughout this exercise, I keep it simple and show you how to leverage similar filtering mechanisms from the old tool with the new. Sure, it’s still not as streamline as the old Keyword Planner, but with these keyword research techniques, you should be able to distill down your keyword data to relevant queries… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 5: Building Ad Groups & Writing Search Ad Copy

free google ppc course 2019 ad groups copywriting

In this training video, we’ll take a deep dive into the art of ad copywriting and organizing highly-granular ad groups. I will display the importance of assembling very focused keyword groupings that enable you to write relevant ad copy. In turn, you’ll see stronger click-through rates (CTR’s), higher Quality Scores, and lower average cost per click (CPC). All in all, the practices outlined in this training video will equip you with the fundamental knowledge to help maximize the cost-efficiency and overall performance of your Google Ads campaigns. In the video, I’ll delve into ad copywriting techniques and best practices, as… Read More »