Free Google Ads Course

2019 Google Ads Course Video 1: Introduction & Overview

free google ppc course 2019 introduction

This is a brief introductory video in which the course instructor, Tyler Tafelsky, introduces himself along with the free Google Ads course outline. He offers a short summary of himself and his experience with Google Ads and PPC advertising, as well as his professional background and history. He also provides a top-level overview of what you can expect in each course training video and hints at some of the projects and accounts that will be used to navigate each exercise. This video does not actually cover any subject matter in the Google Ads course and can be skipped if desired.… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 2: Setting Up Conversion Tracking

free google ppc course 2019 conversion tracking

Setting up conversion tracking is an important first step in building a successful Google Ads account. The manner or type of conversion tracking you setup will be based on your goals and technical capacity with the site. For instance, if a contact form submission takes users to a “thank you” page, using that unique URL is an easy way to track conversions from Google Ads users. Alternatively, you can track behaviors like button clicks, sign-ups, and other actions that insinuate a defined goal has been achieved. This particular video exercise focuses on one of the most fundamental and universally-applicable ways… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 3: How to Setup a Google Ads Campaign

free google ppc course 2019 setting up campaign

As the longest video in the Google Ads course, this exercise takes you through the processes of how to set up a Google Ads campaign from scratch. We do not actually use any keyword data and bid calculations in this video (more on that in training videos later in this course), but instead, we focus on the core fundamentals and best practices of Google Ads campaign creation. For intermediate and advanced PPC advertisers, these practices might seem elementary or basic concepts you already know. In which case, that is awesome! Because you’re doing things in proper fashion. However, for beginner… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 4: Navigating the Google Keyword Planner

free google ppc course 2019 navigating keyword planner

Whether or not you like the new Google Keyword Planner, you’d be smart to learn it now because the old Keyword Planning might not be around forever. And if you’re like me and are reluctant to use the new tool, then this video is just for you. Throughout this exercise, I keep it simple and show you how to leverage similar filtering mechanisms from the old tool with the new. Sure, it’s still not as streamline as the old Keyword Planner, but with these keyword research techniques, you should be able to distill down your keyword data to relevant queries… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 5: Building Ad Groups & Writing Search Ad Copy

free google ppc course 2019 ad groups copywriting

In this training video, we’ll take a deep dive into the art of ad copywriting and organizing highly-granular ad groups. I will display the importance of assembling very focused keyword groupings that enable you to write relevant ad copy. In turn, you’ll see stronger click-through rates (CTR’s), higher Quality Scores, and lower average cost per click (CPC). All in all, the practices outlined in this training video will equip you with the fundamental knowledge to help maximize the cost-efficiency and overall performance of your Google Ads campaigns. In the video, I’ll delve into ad copywriting techniques and best practices, as… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 6: Keyword Bidding, Match Types, Negatives & Search Terms

free google ppc course 2019 keyword bidding search terms negatives

While previous videos in this 2019 Google Ads course hint at keyword bidding strategies and leveraging specific match types, this video is the icing on the cake. The content in this video reinforces the value of using various types of keyword match types (namely exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifier), and how these strategies can help you maintain very focuses, easy-to-manage ad groups. For intermediate and advanced PPC advertisers, we’ll also discuss more creative keyword bidding techniques in how you can combine these match types to effectively target the most relevant search engine users. In addition to keyword… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 7: 24-48 Hours Post-Launch

free google ppc course 2019 24 48 hours post launch

In addition to the settings you have in place pre-launch, the first couple of days after launching your Google Ads campaign are important times in which you need to be diligent and check-in on how things are performing. Of primary importance is evaluating your bidding strategy type (i.e. manual CPC, enhanced CPC, target search page location, etc.) and where you have your keyword bids set. During this 24-48 hour window, you’ll want to assess where your ads are appearing in the search results (average position), what the average CPC is for your target keywords, and how these metrics are translating… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 8: Troubleshooting & Optimizing Poor Performance

free google ppc course 2019 troubleshooting optimizing performance

As one of the more entertaining and value-packed videos in this free Google Ads training course, in this exercise, we dive into a number of common scenarios that indicate poor performance and what to do about it. This includes troubleshooting low keyword Quality Score (and the many factors that influence this recurring metric), assessing your bid strategy type, auditing your landing pages, and using tools like Ad Preview and Diagnosis and Search Terms to better understand where your ads are showing and how you can go about making improvements in strategic fashion. If your account is suffering from low clicks,… Read More »

2019 Google Ads Course Video 9: Google Ads Optimization & Management

free google ppc course 2019 optimization management

Now for the goods that help you continuously improve the performance of your Google Ads account. This slightly longer video dives into various methods and tools that you can use to embrace the art of PPC optimization. We jump into topics pertaining to device-based bid adjustments, “Peel n’ Stick,” ad copy and split-testing, using ad group-specific Ad Extensions, and negatives. In addition to these Google Ads training principles, we’ll also discuss more unconventional topics related to “SE-Optimized PPC Landing Pages,” optimizing your landing page experience (for conversions), and how you leverage Google Analytics to garner insights to optimize your Google… Read More »