While previous videos in this 2019 Google Ads course hint at keyword bidding strategies and leveraging specific match types, this video is the icing on the cake. The content in this video reinforces the value of using various types of keyword match types (namely exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifier), and how these strategies can help you maintain very focuses, easy-to-manage ad groups. For intermediate and advanced PPC advertisers, we’ll also discuss more creative keyword bidding techniques in how you can combine these match types to effectively target the most relevant search engine users.

In addition to keyword bidding techniques and strategies, this video also shows you the importance of using negative keywords. You’ll learn what negative keywords are and how you pinpoint them to better improve ad relevance. As you accumulate data over time, you can leverage the Search Terms feature in Google Ads to pinpoint unwanted negative keywords, enabling you to continuously refine and improve the performance of your ads.

Art by Vecteezy