Google Ads PPC Consultant

Looking for a certified Google Ads PPC consultant? My name is Tyler Tafelsky and I am PPC consultant proficient in Google Ads and Bing AdCenter. I offer 10+ years experience in search marketing, mainly in PPC advertising and organic SEO.

Google Ads Marketing Consultant PPC Advertising

Whether you're interested in optimizing your existing account, receiving an actionable PPC discovery audit, or just want help managing your campaigns, I am here to help. In addition to SEO and PPC consulting, I also work in other facets of digital marketing, including social media advertising and content marketing.

Making PPC Work for Your Business

The beauty behind PPC advertising is that it serves an array of purposes.

  • Generate new leads and sales
  • Have a local presence in areas your business serves
  • Take ownership of branded keywords surrounding your business/brand name;
    • and that of which of your competitors.
  • Appear in the Google Local 3-Pack
  • Promote your business and improve your visibility in Google Maps
  • Advertise events and conferences, or your presence at an event or conference
  • Protect your online reputation and mitigate damaging queries
  • Test the potential of long-tail keywords for SEO

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But I know what you’re thinking. PPC doesn’t have the greatest reputation. For many, it can seem very expensive, confusing, and hard to justify, especially when SEO can seem more appealing.

But the truth of the matter is, the organic search results have become ridiculously competitive, especially for certain niche markets like insurance, legal, and medical. Outranking the Amazon’s and WebMD’s of the world just isn’t going to happen, or anytime soon.

When done very strategically and mindfully, PPC can bridge the gap to growth-enabling keywords and level the playing field against your competitors. Whether you need help making your Ads account profitable or seek to grow your search visibility, we’re your Atlanta-based team who can help.

Want to get in touch? Email me directly at Tyler.Tafelsky (at)

More About Me, Your PPC Consultant

In addition to being certified in Google search advertising, mobile advertising, and display advertising, I've worked with companies ranging from large online retailers and nationally-recognized brands to small businesses and local service providers. In turn, I am able to help all businesses and professionals better operate their presence through Google search.

But beyond any credentials or experience, I am simply passionate about helping the clients I serve. Unlike most PPC consulting agencies where clients are just a cog in the wheel, I provide honest and ethical solutions that are individually-tailored and completely aligned with your PPC marketing objectives.

Google Ads PPC Consultant: Tyler Tafelsky

Although PPC is very analytical and data-driven, it also requires a balance of creativity and right-brained input. Intuitively structuring campaigns; writing incredible ad copy; designing display ads; and crafting landing pages - to me, PPC advertising is an art.

It goes with any online ad platform - experience and knowledge go a long way in achieving optimal efficiency with PPC advertising. Navigating platforms like Google Ads and Bing AdCenter require some degree of know-how. And while almost anyone can run ads, actually turning a favorable, long-term ROI with PPC can take next-level expertise.

And that’s where I come into play. In most cases, I can pinpoint major (and oftentimes very simple) improvements within just minutes of auditing an account.

Hell, I would be the first one to tell you that PPC is not right for your business, if that’s what I truly believed. Instead of trying to make it work, I’ll be upfront and honest with you, and probably recommend better alternatives for your marketing budget. In all sincerity, I’d be happy to take a look at your Google Ads account, website, and/or business.

Not All PPC Consultants Are Equal

If there's one thing you should know when shopping for a PPC marketing consultant, it's that not all so-called PPC specialists are created equal. The same goes with organic SEO. The quality spectrum of PPC consultants and search marketing advisers is vast, and caliber of service provided expected can often be questionable.

Through my PPC consulting services, I set out to reverse the sketchy reputation that our community has garnered. In turn, I bring Backed by honest, 100% custom, and data-supported insights to the table.

If you're interest, I'll try to make this process as seamless as possible. Just drop me an email at my personal line Tyler.Tafelsly {at} with a relevant subject line like Google Ads PPC consultant and I'll promptly reply.